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ERP for Wholesalers

SalesAssist for WholeSalers

ERP for Wholesalers

All-in-one Tool,
Adapted for B2B Sales

As a wholesaler, your need a different approach to your market, other that a retailer.

SalesAssist is a Light ERP in the cloud that integrates all the modules you need to manage and sell your products and their related services - from webshop quotes, to article management, stock and invoicing.
In a simple, flexible and efficient way.

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Efficiency as a Priority

Your customers - specially your resellers - expect you to be quick and complete.

Efficient Articles Management
  • Per article, add all the relevant data only once: from the original code to recycling fees.
  • Price categories allow you to display prices according to the category your customers belong to.
  • Creating a quote takes few minutes. Creating variations takes few seconds.
  • Easily turn the quote into an order then into an invoice, without retyping. Without forgetting anything.
  • Use the power of a Multilingual tool: send the quotes in the language of your customer.
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Selling ​​your products online is good...

But not being connected in real time to your stock and management modules would be insane!

CRM integration for Wholesalers
  • Unlike a simple and isolated webshop, SalesAssist allows you to synchronize all the data you need.
  • Your customers and their login are managed in SalesAssist CRM. Any update, even via the webshop, is automatically reflected across all modules.
  • An incoming order, either via the webshop or live in the system, will link to your stock in real time. This way, you avoid selling items that you no longer have in stock!
  • A delivery note, even partial, is prepared automatically. The balance to be delivered is automatically updated and stored.
  • Finally, the invoice is prepared - you can send it as it is or modify it. Sending can be automated.
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Webshop or webshowroom?

Use your online presence to sell or showcase your products.

Webshop for Wholesalers
  • Some products are not susceptible for online sales. With a simple click, you can decide to show or not the price and allow your customers to view the range of your products, as if they came into your showroom. They can use the cart option to ask for a quote.
  • If your customers want to buy online, all you have to do is activate the payment module.SalesAssist warns you if you are out of stock for a certain product.
  • If you want to restrict access to your site to members only, you can do it for the the whole webshop or for certain parts of it.
  • Do you need a second site with a selection of products for another audience? With different prices? SalesAssist allows you to do that.
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Great Flexibility at a Low Price

SalesAssist is designed to fit the way you work.

Mobile ERP software for Wholesalers
  • Save time: you only add a record data once, then use it as many times you need.
  • The mobile version of SalesAssist allows you or your colleagues to register orders from the tablet or smartphone.
  • Do you also offer services such as installation and maintenance? SalesAssist allows you to integrate these services in your quotes. Timesheets help you to manage your employees' time.
  • Many other modules are designed to make your life easier: import or export data to Excel or to your accounting software.
  • Do you want to maintain your current ERP but enrich its possibilities with SalesAssist? Contact us to see if a synchronization is possible.
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