Akti is a complete and multilingual solution that caters to the needs of numerous European entrepreneurs.

What changed?
Well in fact… not so much!
Behind the new logo, website, layout, and other tweaks, we are still the same people with the same focus:
help you to put your Business in High Gear.

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“The built-in webshop is super functional and fast. And the layout customisation went smoothly!”

Silke DANEELS, Papette VOF

It has never been this easy, cheap and secure to have your own Webshop or Webshowroom

Many SMEs still hesitate to sell their products online, fearing an overload of extra work or mismanagement in the stock. The solution: try a fully integrated tool!

An isolated webshop makes no sense at all these days. Imagine the time lost on copy-pasting data, checking updates, correcting prices, changing pictures, verifying the stock,… A nightmare!

In SalesAssist, all the information is synchronized throughout all the modules: the client data in the CRM, stock modifications in real time, the generation of invoices,… If this is far enough for your needs, you’ll end up with a brilliant Webshowroom. Go one step further by activating the online payment system, and you have your own full-blown webshop!

Listes des articles à publier

List of Articles to be published

Select the Articles you want to publish. The stock levels are displayed in real time. Decide which price category you want to show or which articles need to be grouped in a dynamic overview.

Then select the new products, promotions or popular articles that you want to show on the homepage of your website.

Une navigation sur mesure

A customized navigation

To make sure your products are easy to find, you can structure your articles to your liking in groups, families, sub-families, etc. This tree structure continues to serve as the menu of your webshop, and will allow your clients to easily find and buy your products.

Avec ou sans mot de passe?

With or without a password?

Define the aim of your webshop, do you want it to be open to the public, or rather exclusive? Who has the right to see what: the shopping cart, the stock, the prices, etc.? This distinction allows you to make a Webshowroom, a place where you can showcase your products without selling them online.

With their specific login and password, your clients will see the prices that match their profile.

Template existant ou sur mesure ?

Existing template or a customized one?

Choose one of the existing webshop templates, or ask us to create new templates, customized to your needs. You can change these layouts at any time!

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Une page d’accueil qui vend

A homepage that sells

Use the banners to make your homepage more dynamic, to show pictures, publish your ads and show promotions. It’s a great place to announce your Open Days, for example.

Choose the publishing timeframe and redirect your clients directly to a relevant page.



SalesAssist is a multilingual tool. Specify in which languages you want your webshop to be displayed. If the translations of the labels don’t suit your needs, you can adapt them yourself.

Etendez votre réseau de vente

Extend your sales network

Do you work with resellers? Encourage them to start working with SalesAssist too! Your Articles can automatically be implemented in their webshop, while your resellers can still manage the products and their prices. On your end, the resellers’ sales records of your products will be automatically transformed in purchase orders to your account.

Start 30 days FREE Trial
  • Full access to all modules
  • No credit card required
  • Test with no obligation to buy

General features of SalesAssist:

  • Reporting Powerful reports to track your KPIs
  • E-mailing Easily manage your e-mail marketing activities
  • App Integration Easy to synchronize with external applications
  • Teamwork Share and edit documents with your colleagues
  • Multilingual Generate documents in the language of your customers

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