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Modular Light ERP

For small and
micro enterprises.
For SMEs.

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Light ERP for small and micro enterprises

A professional management tool, specially designed for SMEs!

SalesAssist Light ERP for micro-enterprises makes your business processes faster and more efficient. It is inspired from solutions for the big companies, but it's specially designed for small and micro enterprises: economical, easy to use and tailored to your needs. Its a fully integrated solution - once you add a record, it's synchronized across all modules and there's no need to use different applications or add the same data ever again.

  • SalesAssist brings you a huge time gain. It automates your administration and marketing activities.
  • SalesAssist is very economical. It's a simple-to-use and intuitive application, easy to setup, without any configuration costs.
  • SalesAssist provides you great accessibility to all your data. Whether you're in the office or traveling, working alone or in a collaborative network.
  • It offers you an insightful view of your profitability. KPI's and several reports are always available in real time, making it easy for you to assess at any moment the performance of your activities.
  • It provides you great mobility. The cloud ERP solution allows you to work from a multitude of devices and from a variety of locations.

What makes SalesAssist unique and different from other solutions?

  • Small companies Specially designed for small and micro enterprises, for SMEs
  • Modular You can activate and deactivate the modules you need
  • Profit-making Drastically reduces your operational costs
  • Economical Monthly fee starts from only $15 for a full access user
  • Also for products The ready-to-use webshop-app help you sell your products
  • Reporting Powerful reports to track your KPIs
  • E-mailing Easily manage your e-mail marketing activities
  • App Integration Easy to synchronize with external applications
  • Teamwork Share and edit documents with your colleagues
  • Multilingual Generate documents in the language of your customers
Start 30 days FREE Trial
  • Full access to all modules
  • No credit card required
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Learn more about the benefits of SalesAssist for your business.

Comprehensive and tailored to your needs.
Huge time gain. Always available. Save money.

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Do I need to choose a plan now?
No. You can only sign up for a full-feature trial now. You have 30 days to test SalesAssist for free and to decide which of the modules best fits your needs.
Do I need a credit card to sign up for the trial?
No. No payment is required for the trial period and no obligation to buy afterwards.
What happens at the end of my trial?
Being convinced by the efficiency of SalesAssist, you have the option to choose one of our monthly packages.
If not, no need to cancel anything - your account data are stored for at least another month in case you want to upgrade later.
Can I only use only certain modules?
Yes. SalesAssist offers many integrated modules. But each user can adjust the Account Settings and enable or disable modules at any time, according to their needs.
Can someone help me with the implementation?
You don’t have any time to test SalesAssist thoroughly? Are you looking for an individualized training for you and your employees? Our Support Team will help you. See "Premium Support Services" on the "Pricing" page.
How can I export my data?
All the modules are provided with an export function (Excel or CSV). If needed, we can also provide you with a full export.
Is my data safe? Can I ask for a restore?
Yes, we keep backups for 6 months. During the first 30 days we have full daily backups.
Where are the data stored?
SalesAssist is hosted in EU datacenters with full redundancy and a 99,9% uptime.