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Manage your Projects and Timesheets of your Staff

The (mobile) timesheets are accessible from anywhere, which makes the management of your staff (both internal and external) a lot easier. You can keep track of the expenses, purchases, and time spent on every project, and generate multi-dimensional reports to help you gauge your profitability. And from there, it’s only a small step towards an invoice!

Online project management software

Manage projects with tasks and employees

Assign tasks and employees to your project. The price per unit is already visible. You can at any time adjust prices, mark what is billable or not, add new tasks and new contributors, change the project manager, etc.

Online Task Management Sofware/ Timesheet Software

Create lists of tasks and manage their fees

Your project comprises activities that must be performed. SalesAssist's online project management solution allows you to create a list of tasks, assign a price schedule to them and mark if they are billable or not. You can always add or edit tasks as the project progresses.

These tasks are also shown in the timesheet so that you keep better track of them.

Timesheet software for SME / time tracking software

Timesheet software to measure the time usage

Working with internal staff, consultants or freelancers? Decide who works on which project, and for how long. Team members will then individually complete their own timesheet. Even from their mobile device, if they are on the go. You still need to endorse the figures to include them in the outcome of the project. So SalesAssist works great as a time tracking software as well.

Add purchases to your projects

Record purchases and add a margin

Does your project include buying services or goods from third party providers? Add these costs to your project, select the supplier and, if you wish, increase the price with your benefit margin.

KPI - online project management for SME

Track your results

Differently coloured charts and graphs help you track the progress of each project, their time usage, earnings, and margins.

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Add and manage groups of tasks

Generate groups of tasks

You can create groups of tasks. So, each time you initiate a new project, you activate the corresponding group of tasks. Then simply remove or add new tasks, change fees and quantities. Your benefit: save a lot of time and make sure you don’t forget to charge for any single task.

You can create and manage teams in a similar manner.

Project Management with Ad-hoc Tasks

Create "ad hoc" tasks

How do you manage unexpected tasks that should be charged? SalesAssist allows you and your team to create such "ad hoc" tasks and track time usage. Without having to create a project first or to modify the file. As a manager, you keep an accurate overview of each completed work and never forget to charge for it.

Task Management with customized fees

Personalize your fees by customer

You can assign a default fee to each team member and task. Sometimes, however, customers ask for special prices. SalesAssist allows you to change the default fee for a specific client. Thus, each time you create a new project for this client, their price option will appear.

Alarms on Budget Management

Set alarms on your budget

SalesAssist offers several ways to monitor the budget and to be alerted before it reaches its end. You can opt to cap the total hours, the overall budget, the number of hours per task, or the number of hours per team member. You can set the alert threshold and ask SalesAssist to send you an email when it is reached.

Project management and billing types

Apply various types
of project management and billing

When you initiate a new project, SalesAssist proposes several ways to manage and bill it: per hour, by task, per overall budget, per fixed fee, and even per function.

Note that, true to its principle, SalesAssist allows you to alter at any time the management and billing method.

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General features of SalesAssist:

  • Reporting Powerful reports to track your KPIs
  • E-mailing Easily manage your e-mail marketing activities
  • App Integration Easy to synchronize with external applications
  • Teamwork Share and edit documents with your colleagues
  • Multilingual Generate documents in the language of your customers

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