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“Amazing. Our quotes, invoices, articles, stock,… Everything is in SalesAssist. Even our webshop.”

Benoît TOUSSAINT & Michel DEPPE MD Ultimate

Invoices in a matter of seconds!

Using only a couple of clicks, you can generate invoices, credit notes and proforma invoices. Whether you make an invoice from scratch, or based on one of your quotes or projects, you’ll never need to retype anything. Our tools will make sure you don’t forget anything in the invoicing process, help you keep track of your payments and send out automatic reminders.
Later on, you can simply export your data to your accountant, so he doesn’t need to copy data in his system either! Your accountant will be able to fully focus on processing your records!

Online invoicing for SME

Generate various kinds of invoices

With SalesAssist's online invoicing software, you can generate invoices, credit notes and pro-forma invoices in just a few seconds.

You can freely add text, tasks or items lines in your invoices. If your article list contains prices, they are automatically listed. You have the possibility to modify any of them in a particular invoice, without affecting the default price.

Invoicing with flexible discount policy

Apply a flexible discount policy

Do you offer special prices for your services or products to selected customers?
Do you want to apply a discount on the total amount or differently, on individual lines?

SalesAssists' allows you to easily manage each and every exception.

Email automatically your invoices

Email automatically your invoices

SalesAssist's software for invoicing provides the opportunity to send your invoices by email. Choose between semi and  fully automated control. You can add an accompanying message, in the language of your customer.

Keep track of your payments

Keep track of your payments

Several lists and colour codes help you overview the status of your invoices: under preparation, sent, paid, etc. Just check a paid invoice to remove it from the list of open invoices.

Send reminders with our online invoicing software

Send reminders

SalesAssist's online invoicing software allows you to send three types of payment reminders, ranging from gentle to very firm. Write your own personalized text in the language of your choice.

Export to accounting  applications

Export to accounting applications

Does your accountant use a program that fits your needs and standards of your country? Don’t change anything! SalesAssist allows you to smoothly export all necessary data in CSV to your accounting software.

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Fully integrated solution for SME

Rely on a fully integrated solution

SalesAssist fully integrates its e-invoicing solution with all its other modules. So you can choose either to create your invoices manually or generate them from a quote, an order or even from a timesheet. Without reintroducing the same information at all.

In all cases, you can still manually intervene and modify any data.

Invoicing with multiple VAT percentages

Apply multiple VAT percentages

Do you work with different levels of VAT? You can introduce in the system all the percentages you need. SalesAssist's online billing software can generate invoices grouping different levels of VAT. Calculating the total amount per each level.

Invoicing with multi-currency amounts

Work with multi-currency amounts

SalesAssist integrates various currencies, using the Google Currency Conversion exchange rate Is your currency not featured? Let us know, we will add it quickly.

Online invoicing software - multiple languages

Choose between more languages

Do you prefer to send invoices in the language of your client?
All fields on your invoices can currently be translated into English, French and Dutch. But you can customize any term according to your preferences. Or even express them in another language of your choice

One of the greatest strength of SalesAssist is its multilingualism.

Generate invoices in bulk

Generate your invoices in bulk

Do you have to send many bills each and every month? On your request, SalesAssist can generate and even send all the pending bills. Just approve and confirm them. The system does the rest.

Manage recurring invoices online

Manage recurring invoices

Do you need to regularly send an invoice at particular moments? Set the starting date, frequency and amount. SalesAssist automatically prepares the invoice. You just have to monitor and change some data, if necessary. The system does the rest.

You can even ask SalesAssist's online invoicing module to automatically send invoices, without having to approve each time. Thus, you will never forget to charge for what you deliver.

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General features of SalesAssist:

  • Reporting Powerful reports to track your KPIs
  • E-mailing Easily manage your e-mail marketing activities
  • App Integration Easy to synchronize with external applications
  • Teamwork Share and edit documents with your colleagues
  • Multilingual Generate documents in the language of your customers

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