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Marketing & Communication

SalesAssist for Marketers

CRM Software for Marketing & Communication

Your Tool for Campaigns under control

SalesAssist is a project management software in the cloud with a powerful CRM module.

Sell your marketing and communications ideas and turn them into actions.
In a simple, flexible and efficient way.

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Make Clear and Itemized Offers

When you get client’s OK, your quote becomes a project, then an invoice.

CRM Software with Quotes Module
  • SalesAssist helps you value your services and creations. Your clients will appreciate a well-structured proposal.
  • Be smart with your budget. Send offer requests to your subcontractors and select the best one. Add your mark-up.
  • Set out types of projects with predefined groups of tasks. It saves useful time.
  • Negotiate and customize your prices for each client. Or just apply standard fees.
  • The software features four default languages: French, English, Dutch and German. Choose the one you prefer.
  • Highly customisable client interface, in more languages than provided by default. Send your offer and invoices in any language that makes your client happy.
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Monitor Your Projects

The timesheet software helps you track each hour spent on a project.

CRM Software with Timesheet Module
  • Marketing and communications campaigns come in many shapes and sizes. As a professional in this field, you require flexibility in managing your budgets. With SalesAssist, you have various ways to invoice your work: per hour, per task, by budget, by a fixed amount, or by function performed by a team member.
  • Make sure all employees and freelancers register their hours and expenses. Filling out timesheets is easy. Anytime, anywhere, from a PC, laptop or mobile device.
  • Have a clear view on time spent on each project. You can approve, reject or amend co-workers’ timesheets.
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Accurate Reporting

Stay on top of your operations and revenues

Accurate KPI Reporting
  • Your user homepage displays an updated KPI report on each client and project. Avoid budget overruns.
  • Each project has the option to add third parties costs. Check out your revenue forecast at all times. Boost your performance and profitability. Minimize your expenditures.
  • Invoicing for marketing professionals can be time-consuming with so many budget chapters. SalesAssist puts together all information to prepare invoicing. From timesheets to suppliers’ expenses and clients’ financial data. Just one click and the bill is ready.
  • Send invoices straight from SalesAssist and schedule them in advance.
  • Keep your supporting documents updated for each project.
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Cut back on your expenses

Less time on administration means more profitable time on your campaigns

Affordable CRM for MarCom
  • Be smart with your time used on tedious routine activities. SalesAssist’s timesheet software is so handy. Have your collaborators and employees register their own hours spent on a project. Count up their expenses with a click and amend if necessary.
  • All SalesAssist modules are 100% integrated. From customers to suppliers and freelancers data. From the first timesheet to the final invoice. It all aggregates so you never have to enter the same data again. One click invoicing for marketing and communication campaigns, no matter how elaborate they are.
  • Pay only for what you need: 15 € monthly per full access user and only € 5 per timesheet user.
  • Decide your monthly plan on a monthly basis. SalesAssist understands your business may be fluctuant. Add and remove collaborators, depending on the size of your campaign.
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It's a collaborative platform

Stay connected to your co-workers and campaigns

It's a collaborative platform
  • A marketing and communication campaign depends on the quality of members’ collaboration. Be informed when there is a status change in your projects. Strengthen team dialogue with our project management software. Discuss your offers, ideas, expenses, or invoices directly in SalesAssist. You can invite co-workers or external collaborators to give feedback on a project.
  • Assign follow-up tasks to your team.
  • CRM for marketing and communication professionals is an essential tool. Manage your contacts, customers, suppliers and collaborators. Stay in touch with them in a professional manner.
  • Create lists and send professional e-mails and newsletters.
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