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What changed?
Well in fact… not so much!
Behind the new logo, website, layout, and other tweaks, we are still the same people with the same focus:
help you to put your Business in High Gear.

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SalesAssist for ICT professionals

ERP/CRM for ICT professionals

All-in-One Tool, from Customer Support to Invoicing

SalesAssist is the perfect management tool in the cloud for ICT professionals.

From the first quote to the final invoice, SalesAssist helps you sell hardware, software and IT services.
In a simple, flexible and efficient way.

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Make Clear and Detailed Quotes

When an offer is amended or accepted by the client, your quote becomes either an invoice or a new project.

Quotes for IT Projects and Services
  • Forget about exhausting paperwork. With SalesAssist, you can make comprehensive offers for services, software and hardware in a single document.
  • It takes one click to amend an offer and send the new version to your client.
  • Running out of stock is no longer a risk. You can check and manage your stock at all times.
  • Submitting your IT contracts is enabled.
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Contracts and Invoicing Software for IT

Manage your contracts, track incidents and invoice your clients with one program.

Contracts with recurrent invoices
  • You can create, manage and submit all types of ICT related contracts, such as hosting or customer support contracts.
  • Support Incident Tracker on contracts is enabled. It is easy to track technical support calls and emails and rapidly address them.
  • SalesAssist has a versatile IT invoicing software. The system can be easily configured to generate and send one-time invoices as well as automated recurrent invoicing.
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Keep Track of Time Spent on Projects

Make sure that every single hour of work is reflected in the timesheets and billed accordingly.

CRM with timesheet for projects
  • Project management in IT requires a lot of highly qualified work. That’s why it should be reflected in the invoices to your clients. Track the time spent by your team members on ad-hoc interventions, larger projects or even on contracts.
  • SalesAssist is a great IT collaboration tool. Have a clear overview on the time spent on each project by each team member.
  • Keep your budget under control, with KPI’s in real time on the most relevant parameters.
  • Track your performance at all times.
  • Schedule your invoices and never forget to send one.
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Minimize Your Operating Costs

Spend more time on service and increase you profit.

Affordable business management solution
  • All team members, both employees and freelancers, can track their time spent on projects, from their computer or mobile device. You will get an overview of their expenses.
  • The relevant data is automatically collected to help you generate invoices.
  • All modules are fully integrated. From your team members hourly timesheets to the invoices you send to your clients. Once you enter a data, you never have to enter the same data again.
  • Adapt monthly your SalesAssist payment plan.
  • Pay only for what you need. SalesAssist’s monthly fees are 15 € for a full access user and only 5 € for occasional contributors’ timesheet.
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Great Flexibility at a Low Price

SalesAssist fits your organization and grows with it

Flexible Project Management Software
  • Choose the best project management approach according to your needs. There are six different options to budget your services: task hourly rate, user hourly rate, project hourly rate, budget per task, monthly fixed fee, rate per functions.
  • Overview your financial results. Customize your billing.
  • Set personalized fees and discounts for special customers.
  • Benefit from a multilingual software: French, English, Dutch and German. Team members can work in their preferred language.
  • Quotes and invoices can be sent in the language of the customer. Even in those languages that are not featured by default in the system.
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Put the “Sales” in SalesAssist!

Use built-in tools to keep in touch with your customers and sell more.

In SalesAssist, you find the word
  • Our CRM (customer relations management) module helps you manage all your contacts: customers, team members, subcontractors, business partners, suppliers, etc.
  • Boost your sales by keeping in touch with your customers’ needs. Create lists, either from scratch or by importing from other programs.
  • Communicate with your customers. Send e-mails, notifications and newsletters in an integrated and professional way.
  • Make sure that your clients get a special treatment: talk to them in their language. It will do the trick!
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