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SalesAssist Event Management Software

SalesAssist for Event Managers

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All-Inclusive Event Management Software

SalesAssist is the perfect tool in the cloud for managing your events.

From the first quote to the final invoice, keep track of each detail in organising your event.
In a simple, flexible and efficient way.

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Make Clear and Detailed Budget Offers

When an offer is amended or accepted by the client, your quote becomes either an invoice or a new project.

Project Management - Quotes
  • It is very easy to make a well-structured offer with SalesAssist. You can include and bill all types of activities, services and products.
  • Plan and organise your event effectively by defining Groups of tasks.
  • The program allows you to add long-term suppliers as well as occasional contractors. Manage their timesheets and costs with no effort.
  • Invoicing events is an automated, effortless task.
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Keep Your Budget Under Control

Don’t waste valuable time on making tedious financial calculations or monitoring the work force! SalesAssist does it for you instantly.

Timesheets and budget control for events
  • SalesAssist displays your KPI’s in real time, incorporating the most relevant parameters (turnover, expenses, sales forecast, profitability per client, etc.)
  • Stay focused on your project management. All team members, both employees and freelancers, can track their time spent on the project while you get an overview of their expenses.
  • Control your suppliers’ costs. SalesAssist allows you to add expenses and purchases to your budgets and constantly overview your profitability. Don’t ever run the risk of exceeding your budget with third parties costs
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Minimize Your Operating Costs

Spend less time and money on routine activities and pay only for what you need.

Flexible CRM for Event Managers
  • All modules are fully integrated. From your team members hourly timesheets to the invoices you send to your clients. Event collaboration is enabled. Once you enter a data, you never have to enter the same data again. The system saves it for you.
  • You can adjust your workforce payment plan every month, in accordance with the number of people who actively contribute to your project.
  • Pay only for what you need. SalesAssist monthly fees are 15 € for a project manager and only 5 € for occasional contributors’ timesheet access.
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Get Detailed Reports

Have a Clear View on Your Event Progress

KPI Reporting for event management
  • Collect all relevant information regarding internal and external costs before invoicing your clients.
  • Keep your customers updated with the development of their events and related budgets.
  • Track your performance at all times with the help of our KPI’s overview page.
  • Schedule your invoices and never forget to send one.
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