EU VAT Changes In SalesAssist?

After all the changes the New Year’s resolutions have brought (well, did you quit smoking yet?), it’s time to take a look at the actual changes in people’s lives. Like the legal changes that have come into force on 1 January 2015! For instance, did you know there have been some major adaptations in the VAT regulation in the European Union?! Get up to speed by reading our summary of what these adaptations are & what these changes mean for you!


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Crossing Borders: Use Your Languages!


The modern business landscape is more than a combination of isolated companies. Your enterprise needs to interact and communicate with clients, co-workers and other stakeholders, and – alas! – not all of them speak English. While as a client, being spoken to in your own language feels very comfortable indeed!



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Flexibility: A Crucial Tool For Today’s Companies

Every company, big or small, wants to achieve a maximum level of flexibility. Internally, being flexible means that your people can withstand any problem, can adapt to changing situations and are always ready for a new challenge. It’s hard to compile a flexible team, because it’s a much sought-after character trait. And it has little to do with age, gender or looks. And often, a team of people only becomes flexible when working in an environment that allows it to…

Every company, big or small, wants to achieve a maximum level of flexibility.

Flexibility: A Crucial Tool For Today’s Companies


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How To Choose The Best ERP For Small Business

If you run a small business, the time is NOW to shift your operations to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The advent of cloud computing brought a dramatic price drop for ERP for small business. More and more SMEs are discovering its advantages.


Best ERP for Small Business

Top 5 Features for an ERP software: Modular, Adaptable, Cloud-based, Affordable, Multilingual

ERP software was, until recently, afforded only by a few big enterprises worldwide. It was expensive, highly customized (yet inflexible) and implemented on premises. Nowadays, these big companies are moving more and more to a Cloud-based solution, due to its inherent qualities: cost-effective, mobile and versatile.

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Project Management Software: Keeping in Touch with the Team

I’m very much into discovering cool apps that make my life easier. I find them to be a constant source of amazement, as they show the unbridled ingenuity of human brain.

Of course, living and breathing in the peak of the digital era is a major advantage. But still, there are so many programs, applications and tools out there on the worldwide web! One can’t possibly know them all.

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From Start-Up to Big Biz: Three Tips for ICT Business Owners

Worldwide ICT spending forecast for 2014 amounts to some 3,737 billions of U.S. dollars, announced recently Gartner Inc., the renown IT research company. This is great news for any ICT business, big or small, local or global. Not only that there’s a big pie to cut a slice from, but the same forecast shows that the pie will keep growing for a long time.

Three Focus Points for Growth of  Your Startup

Three Focus Points for Growth of Your Startup

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Self Employed Mothers Benefit from the Cloud Expansion

Self employed mothers, the future is yours! This May we are celebrating all of you. Because while you were busy seeking work-life balance, you started a whole new economic trend: the mompreneurship.

Mother's Day Celebration

Photo credit: Tara Moore / Getty Images “Lean In” Collection

Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer at Facebook, created a big stir when she launched her book, “Lean In”. She is teaching ladies to boldly go where no woman has gone before: climb the career ladder all the way to the top. That was 2013. A necessary conversation – one about women, their place in contemporary society, and their lack of equality, still, in the 21st century – took the internet by storm. Read more

Invoicing & Accounting Software. Friends or Foes?

Invoicing and accounting for small businesses

How to deal with invoicing and accounting for your small businesses

At SalesAssist, we believe that your invoices should reflect your hard work. That’s why we created a secure invoicing software for small business that helps you bill every single minute spend on a project. As well as every product or service that you sell online.

Far too often small businesses  deliver excellent service to their customers but end up being underpaid. When it comes to invoicing that hard work, they forget how much time they spent on it, they forget to invoice some parts of it or they even forget to invoice it completely.

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5 Tips to Earn More as a Management Consultant

As a management consultant, you solve complex issues. You create value. You improve your clients’ business performance. But when it comes to your own business, what is your strategy to maximize your revenues?

While management consulting is a prestigious career choice, the long working hours, demanding clients and time-consuming administration are preventing you to make the most of it.

The good new is that the business consulting sector seems to be on an upward trend for the first time after 2009. More and more companies will use external services, because of their superior expertise and objectivity towards clients.

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5 Reasons to Use Cloud Services for Your Business

Cloud services increases accesibility

Benefits of Cloud for Your Business

Information technology has evolved rapidly over the years, and cloud services are present to such a degree that you can now access all of your business data, from customer information to inventory and real-time financial key indicators, through a simple log-in function.

Cloud computing services are soon to be a necessity, so realizing (and applying) the advantages now represents a clever step. Internet externalization is a step an innovative manager would take, as there are cloud-services for each business. All enterprises will benefit from some form of cloud computing, whether it is a professional contact management, business quotation software or stock management.

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Small Business Spring Checklist

SalesAsssist Business Checklist

Spring Checklist for Your Business

Keeping this in business terms, spring is a process meant to impress by renewing productivity guidelines. It is also the season that tells us we should adhere to daylight saving time, the practice of advancing clocks so that there’s more daylight left as you approach your evenings. In addition to setting your clock forward, you can also make sure your days are longer simply by being more efficient and organized with your daily tasks.

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Import Your Contacts – Easy as 1, 2, 3

Adding contacts manually would take up a lot of time and effort, so import and export functions are a must, if we wish to make our lives easier. Reducing the time and effort you put out in your daily operations is really what SalesAssist is all about, so seriously, go ahead and import your contact details into our CRM. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. That is to say all you have to do is follow the small wizard included into the Import tab, under Contacts.

SalesAssist - CRM - Accounts - Import

The wizard is self explanatory and is meant tobilligparajumperno assist you in the update of your account database:

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Stock Management – A Basic Approach

Stock Management with SalesAssist

A Basic Approach on Stock Management

Everything used by your organization to create your products, provide your services and run your business is part of your stock. Companies generate revenue by selling products in inventory to its clients. Therefore, running a business must involve keeping track of product and supply stock, as enterprise owners rely on a steady flow of inventory products, as part of their daily operations.

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SalesAssist Version 2.0

We’re proud to announce the release of our brand new service, SalesAssist 2.0. Our attempts of combining the data entry performance of a desktop application with the eased manageability of a web app led to an improved, rewritten user interface, especially for Articles & Orders and their Publishing.

Without further ado, let us dive into all the improvements we’ve brought, and how they benefit your workflow:

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An Easy way to Successful Emailing Campaigns

SalesAssist Emailing Campaigns Tool

Simple Steps to an Email Marketing Campaign

Emailing Campaigns are an essential communication method that businesses should not neglect. It allows you to expand your reach and grow your organization by getting in touch with prospects, generating new business leads and fostering long term relationships. Although being one of the oldest online marketing techniques, it is still the most effective.

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A Business Love Story

In B2B, business decisions take time. We are fully aware of that, that’s why we try to be concise when presenting you with specific features and advantages. You’re reading this, so chances are you’re searching for a product similar to the one we’re offering. cheap canada goose Choosing the CRM right for you is of vital importance. You can’t afford not to be thorough, which means you still have a road ahead, going through several presentation methods, product comparison, usability testing and reading about detailed user-experience.

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CRM Basics

CRM, as an acronym, stands for Customer Relationship Management. It involves reinventing the old methods for managing a company’s interaction with its customers. In the past, company policies were product-oriented, ensuring that divisions and business units were built around products and product groups. They wanted you to want their product. Unfortunately, enterprises used to do that at the expense of customer trust, since not all products were good, or needed.

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