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“Our resellers keep track of our stock and prices in real time, saving us a ton
of emails.”

Philippe & William BLEYEN, Mobirack

Manage your Articles. Check your Stock. In Real Time!

Neatly present your articles in your quotes, orders, invoices and even a webshop. Including the mention of names, codes, prices, pictures, translations and much more. And you’ll only have to enter these data once! SalesAssist offers a great solution in managing your products and your stock in one place. In real time.

Online ERP Software

Manage your articles

Do you sell products? SalesAssist allows you to create info cards for each of your articles. With a unique code, description, weight, brand, EAN, etc.

You can also specify the price. This price will be included in your quotes and used for all subsequent calculations.

Light ERP - set price categories

Set price categories and quantity discounts

You can create various client categories and calculate special prices for them: increase or reduce prices with a margin, add or subtract a fixed amount, etc.

You can also define discount prices for larger quantities.

Apply different kinds of special taxes

Apply different kinds of special taxes

Need to take into account various taxes, such as environmental or governmental? Create as many types of taxes as necessary and calculate their impact on your products' prices.

These taxes can automatically be included in your orders.

Stock Management with Orders and Deliveries

Manage Orders and Deliveries

All orders are processed in SalesAssist, whether manually or through your webshop.
Clear lists and colour codes help you quickly overview the status of your orders.

Is your order ready for delivery? Generate the delivery note. Is your delivery not complete? No problem, SalesAssist remembers the already delivered quantities and adjusts your lists and documents.

Stock Management for SME

Manage stocks and purchases

SalesAssist provides a great tool to organize your purchases, including sending purchase orders to your suppliers.

The stock management module, available at no extra charge, helps you manage and oversee the quantity of available items . Alert thresholds help you avoid stockouts.

Light ERP software for SME

Export and import lists

In some cases, it may be more convenient to have your articles listed as Excel files. Simply export your items and then import them back if you make alterations. SalesAssist’s import module comes with a backup function to avoid processing errors.

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Multi-location stock management

Multi-location stock management

With SalesAssist you can handle your decentralized stocks. This feature is particularly useful for companies that store their products at their customers’ or distributors’ premises.

Multilingual article description

Multilingual article description

Selling products abroad often requires detailed article descriptions in several languages.

SalesAssist provides this possibility, either in the languages featured by the system or in another language of your choice.

Light ERP- add product pictures

Pictures of your products

Take product photos and import them to SalesAssist.

The pictures will be initially used for your shop. But also in your future quotes.

Online ERP Software - reports

Detailed reporting

Stay always up-to-date! Tables and coloured graphs help you oversee your inventory fluctuations orders, pending offers, and deliveries. You can choose any reporting period: weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

ready-to-use webshop

Fully integrated ready-to-use webshop

SalesAssist knows how to sell your products! The integrated webshop is an excellent tool for your online success.

Select the articles you want to showcase or put on sale via the webshop. Specify if the price should be featured. Organize your items in a tree view to guide your customers through their navigation. Add comments. Choose one of the available templates and just push the button! Everything starts up automatically.

New products, promotions and popular articles will be featured on your webshop’s home page.
By a logging in with their username and password (managed through the CRM module), your customers will see an item’s price according to the category it belongs to.

When an order is placed in the shopping cart, SalesAssist automatically sends the applicable information to all relevant modules: customer’s details are processed in the CRM module, stocks are modified in the stock management module, the invoice is generated in the invoicing module, etc. Everything is perfectly synchronized within the system.

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  • No credit card required
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General features of SalesAssist:

  • Reporting Powerful reports to track your KPIs
  • E-mailing Easily manage your e-mail marketing activities
  • App Integration Easy to synchronize with external applications
  • Teamwork Share and edit documents with your colleagues
  • Multilingual Generate documents in the language of your customers

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