Akti is a complete and multilingual solution that caters to the needs of numerous European entrepreneurs.

What changed?
Well in fact… not so much!
Behind the new logo, website, layout, and other tweaks, we are still the same people with the same focus:
help you to put your Business in High Gear.

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About Us

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SalesAssist was founded by two ITC entrepreneurs, Gaëtan Loriot and Olivier Van Cauwenberghe. Both needed a no-fuss and affordable management software to manage their business activities so they could focus on growth. They started looking for an all-in-one solution that would integrate databases, timesheets, invoicing, projects, sales, clients, suppliers, and many others processes.

About SalesAssist: Business Management Software

When there is no ready-made solution to your problem ...

Their problem seemed to be experienced by many other entrepreneurs, including their business partners and clients. However, they couldn’t find any satisfying solution suitable for SMEs or self-employed professionals.

They were using word processors for quotes, spreadsheets for customer and article lists, unreliable project management tools, incompatible timesheets and billing solutions, and separate databases for webshop. But it didn’t make their work easier.

Was there no way to avoid investing in different IT platforms that seemed to refuse to “talk” to each other? Was there no way to find an inexpensive and uncomplicated ERP package? With modules fully integrated to avoid retyping the same data multiple times?

... Just build one for yourself!

Gaëtan and Olivier decided to roll their sleeves and start working on their own business management software. They begun developing something tailored to the specific needs of European SMEs. Something flexible which can grow along with them. An accessible solution using all the benefits of the Cloud. And even better, one that suits the needs of a multicultural business environment and allows them to generate documents in the language of the customers.

And thus SalesAssist was born. In October 2012 they launched the beta-version.

In March 2013 the first SalesAssist commercial version was introduced to the public. It included a full list of modules, from CRM to integrated webshop.

Since then, a team of developers, designers and testers has been constantly improving SalesAssist. The application suite is growing together with its clients, by incorporating the feedback and suggestions from the numerous daily users.

SalesAssist is a unique cloud software. It is flexible and user-friendly. The modules are fully integrated and interconnected, to avoid introducing the same data several times over.

According to SalesAssist clients, the software package is much more intuitive and useful than any other competing solution. The SalesAssist team is honoured by the trust and positive involvement received from its clients. The company will stay commited to making small and medium businesses easier to manage. Day by day.